Girls: Now Cremated Alive

“8 year old brutally gangraped by two men in Mandsaur who mercilessly inserted rod into her female parts and gave her life threatening injuries” – June 26, 2018.

“4 year old raped in Raisen district on the pretext of Kanya Bhoj” – July 7,2018.

“14 year old gangraped in Khajuraho, 3 minors booked for trial”- July 8,2018.

“24 year old arrested for raping his own cousin in Sagar” – July 9,2018.

“16 year old gangraped in Chattarpur” – July 10, 2018.
From raping a foreign tourist to raping a four-year-old minor, Indian men have concluded that what they have in them is just lust for devouring a female body.
Surprisingly, rapists are no more just the grown up men but they are merely boys aged between 15 to 18 years. This clearly shows how fearless they are about the repercussions of the barbaric crime. They know quite well in their conscience that they will at the maximum be awarded with either a penalty or spending a few days in remand home.

A majority of Indians believe that the so called “modern” outfit of girls lure rapists to them. Here’s question for you. If that’s really true then why do nuns and women wearing burkhas get raped?
According to global poll conducted, India has emerged as the most dangerous country for women, followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria.

This isn’t just lust anymore!

It’s said lust is the main cause we see behind rapes everyday. Is it really the repercussions of lust that lead to minors raping minors? We all know lust is a strong sexual desire for someone. But, there’s a question in my head. If you’re a straight man, you’ll be lusting after women, its biological. But what about the 9 yr old girl? She doesn’t have a large bosom or a curvy figure that you would want to devour. Still she is a victim of rape. The innocent soul doesn’t even know what her lady parts are. Still, she was the victim of the demons who assaulted her body, saying it was lust. THIS ISN’T JUST LUST ANYMORE! Men, now, aren’t men, they are merciless beasts craving for the touch of a vagina, be it of a woman, a girl or even an infant! They think of rapes as a way to impose their dominance over the other gender and show themselves superior in a race for survival which can’t be run without understanding between the two gender.
With the shape this whole society is taking right now, I won’t be surprised if after a few years we see a rape case filed, for having COITUS WITH SOMEONE’S DOG!

The cure, is not just stricter punishments by the judiciary but also fast judgements and a thorough re-education from the ground level, teaching them to control lechery and treat women as equals from a minor age or else, the future is doomed.



Falling along with the night,
There’s this piece of me, breaking inside,
I don’t know how and why
But it eats me, raw and alive.

Be it the gloomy new moon,
Or the charismatic, yet grim full moon night.
The lights of my vitality
Ceasing to exist, with vanishing twilight.

Here I lie, kneeling and begging,
For mercy my Lord…
For I have sinned
By Losing my self, to the demons
Vexing my mind.

Grant me salvation,
Eternal peace,
Free me from my bounds,
Let me be me.

love · poem


O stranger! I don’t know why
I feel this, but I think
You hold something
that for sure is mine.

You may not know,
But you took it from me,
Seizing from my hold,
Leading me astray.

O stranger! Please…
Please let me live again.
For you have my heart, my soul,
Yet, you won’t be mine.

Save me from this trap,
This mire of love,
Gimme back my heart,
Let me breathe again.



As the Sun meets with the Sea and darkness covers the earth in its melancholy,
The Lord of dismay and sorrow, widens his wings and
Breaches the barriers of positivity into the human hearts and takes them onto Oblivion.

Short Stories

Unrevealed Feelings

“Do you still love her?” She asked him. They were sitting on the terrace under the full moon.

He *looking away and shifting his gaze towards the moon* “No, I don’t.”

She held his hand and said, “I love you, don’t ever try to fool me.”

She continued, “Your words may lie, but those red teary eyes of yours tell a different story. Bud, try to move on, I know you can do it.”

“I tried, I did, but every night I arrive at the same position where I began, broken and vulnerable.” He said with a tear rolling down his cheek.

She hugged him tightly but he didn’t respond back.

“You just need some time, everything will be fine.”

And they both were looking at the full moon, teary-eyed and smiling.

He was thanking god for such a great best friend while she was praying for the love of her life to heal from his scarred past.



All of us are somewhere lost in this materialistic race of being happy. To be frank, we all associate money with happiness. We’ll work hard, we’ll earn money and we’ll be happy. Have we ever thought about it with a bit more intellect? Well, the answer is a big no. All our life our parents (especially in middle class families) have been teaching us just one thing that money is everything. We weren’t allowed to apply our brain and moreover our heart about it. The “shor” inside our heart was suppressed by the society, by our parents and by everyone else whom we met.

Looking clearly we see that happiness doesn’t exist on this earth. Anything present in this universe can’t make you happy except your own mind. We say that do things which makes you happy but have we ever wondered why those things make us happy. What I personally think is that we somewhat tempt our mind into believing that this thing make me feel good. But did we listen to what our heart was saying? You supressed that “shor”. Your heart said to play but mind said that you havee a quiz tomorrow so better study. What we did? We went with our mind. What I observed is that its easy to fool our heart into believing anything. We may not have done the work but still we can consolidate our heart into believing that we did it.

In this chase for happiness we sometimes lose our track. We start seeing other people as our happiness. Only you can make yourself happy. People get into relationships, they prioritize their partners a lot and seek them for happiness. It may look good for now but in long run it is a very bad experience.

Like weather… People Change!!

Sometimes the people whom you trust the most may betray you behind your back. So this is the golden rule… Never to associate your happiness with someone else.

Being happy isn’t a thing which only few people know. Anyone can be happy, he just needs the right mindset. Happiness doesn’t come all at once. You have to find small subtle hints that make you happy and think about them. Seeking for happiness is easy rather than completely sitting like dumb-faces. There’s just one thing to do. Look for very small hints that make you happy and then capitalize on it. This way we can look for our happiness by just ourselves without the need of anyone in our life.

There’s just a fine line between listening to your heart and listening to our mind. Listen to your heart but also train it to give more logical approach to life.

This way we look for happiness in absolute nothing but still we get everything we need.

Keep Calm, Keep Smiling and keep that “shor” alive.